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Hello and welcome to the Senior Medicine section for The Greensboro Eldercare Channel. Proper medical care is critical for everyone, but as we get older, the importance of prompt medical care and regular preventative screenings increases.

Eldercare physicians are doctors who specialize in dealing with, diagnosing, and treating the issues that commonly affect senior citizens, and you will find that they are familiar with changes in health, mobility, and mentality. Eldercare physicians are also used to working with seniors as well as caregivers and can help ensure that they communicate regularly with any specialists that you see in order to provide a higher level of quality care.

Choosing an eldercare physician over a traditional doctor can certainly offer benefits, but you want to make the best choice. This means looking at reviews when possible, and it certainly means asking the doctor about their experience and training. If you have certain medical conditions or a family history, inquiring about them can be a great way to make the right choice.

At The Eldercare Channel of Greensboro, NC, we want to help seniors make the best health care and life choices possible. We work hard to be a go to resource for seniors and their caregivers, and we offer helpful advice and information on many issues. Here you will find a directory, provided by video host Dennis Toman, of eldercare physicians in our area.

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