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Thank you for visiting the Greensboro Hospice section of The Eldercare Channel. End of life issues can be very hard, both emotionally and physically, on not only the person who is dying, but those who love them. Hospice care is designed to help ease pain and suffering and to provide palliative care that can increase quality of life for dying individuals. Whether you decide on in home hospice or to transfer your loved one into a hospice facility, you will find that it can be a hard decision but ultimately the right one.

Hospice workers are trained to not only provide medical care, but also to provide compassion, understanding, and support. Workers are aware of what patients and loved ones are going through, and many centers offer bereavement and grief therapy services to help address spiritual, emotional, and other concerns. Death is never an easy thing to handle, but knowing that the best level of care is being provided can offer great comfort.

If the time is near for a loved one to enter into hospice care, you will find that the directory on the right can help you find the right provider. The Eldercare Channel of Greensboro works to offer seniors and their caregivers the resources needed to handle many issues. Whether you are looking for a provider directory or just solid, helpful tips and information, we have what you are looking for. The Greensboro Eldercare Channel is provided by Dennis Toman of The Elderlaw Firm.

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