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Thank you for visiting the Eldercare Consultants section of The Greensboro Eldercare Channel. Financial planning and other important steps are things that we give moderate attention to when we are younger, but that we find are critical as we age. As senior citizens, we learn that pensions don’t always last a lifetime and that insurance policies don’t always cover long term illnesses and injuries. Eldercare consultants are professionals who have the skills and training needed to help with many issues that commonly affect seniors and caregivers today.

The services provided by eldercare consultants vary greatly. Estate planners can help with distributing assets and planning for after death, while geriatric lawyers can help with abuse and fraud claims, preparing a will, and much more. Financial planners can help you make the most of your retirement or pension, and a real estate expert can help you sell your home and transition into senior housing. Geriatric care planners are also vital, and they can help ensure that you always have the services you need.

At The Eldercare Channel of Greensboro, we know that the needs of today’s seniors are changing every day. Here, you will find a directory of eldercare consultants who can help with many different situations. We also offer information, tips, and advice to help you learn which type of eldercare consultant might be right for you. Our video host, Dennis Toman of The Elderlaw Firm, is certified in the areas of estate planning and elder law.

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