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Welcome to the Assisted Living section of Greensboro Eldercare Channel. For seniors who do not have medical issues that require care but who are no longer able to safely remain in their own homes, assisted living can prove to be a wonderful transition. Mobility issues can make it hard to get around the home and to take care of tasks such as cooking and cleaning, and assisted living facilities can provide a safer alternative. Facilities are equipped with things such as ramps and handrails, and there are professionals who can help with tasks that can no longer be performed safely.

The services provided by assisted living facilities and communities depend on the needs of the client. Typically, residents are allowed to perform any tasks that are considered safe, from driving to cooking, while getting help with those that they can no longer perform themselves. Those with more severe issues can find assistance around the clock with things like bathing, grooming, and getting to the bathroom. Housing types are also varied and can range from individual apartments to shared rooms in a larger facility.

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At The Eldercare Channel of Greensboro, NC, we know how important it is to find the right facility for your loved one. On the right, you will find a directory that will make it easy to call area providers to set up an interview and site visit. By browsing our site, you can also find tips and information to help with this choice as well as with many other common senior and caregiver issues and concerns. Our video host, Dennis Toman of The Elderlaw Firm, is certified in the areas of estate planning, elder law and taxation.

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